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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lay back and think of English Muffins

You heard it here first, English Muffins are not just for Eggs Benedict or McMuffins. They can be a part of your everyday life…if you let them. 

Plain, sweet or savoury, they can be made in advance and kept in your freezer for toasting anytime you please. 

I’ve put together this recipe for a sweet version, but for plain just omit the cinnamon and sultanas. 

Ingredients (makes 10)
1/3 cup lukewarm water
1 tbsp sugar
1 7g sachet of yeast
1 cup milk (light or regular)
Pinch salt
2 tsp cinnamon
2 cups plain flour
½ cup sultanas
Cooking oil spray to grease the pan

In a large bowl, mix the water, sugar and yeast and allow to stand for 10 mins or until frothy.  Stir in the remaining ingredients with a wooden spoon.  Cover with plastic wrap and allow to rise for 45 mins in a warm spot (near the fridge works at my place).

Heat a frying pan over med-high heat and spray with a little cooking oil. Drop 2 tbsp of the mixture into the pan to form one muffin, continue until the pan is full.  Cook until browned on the bottom, which should take about 4 mins. Flip and do the same on the other side.  Cool on a wire rack until completely cooled down.  When ready to eat, split the muffins with a fork and toast.  From frozen, defrost in the microwave for about a minute, then slice in half and toast.

Serve with a big cup of tea and enjoy


  1. Yum! Thank you for sharing this recipe! We'll be making some tomorrow.

  2. Hope you like them as much as I do!

  3. I've known other folks who make thier own English muffins to cook/fry their muffins inside a jar placed on top of the pan. For instance, here (US) we get tunafish in cans that are about 1.25" hih x 3" dia. cans. If you carefully cut out both ends, you have a perfect cooking form.