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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fluffy Baked Eggs

I love going out for breakfast, but a lot of the time I really struggle to get out of my dressing gown and tame my crazy hair for public viewing.  Such an effort. 

I’m also a bit fussy.  There must be at least 30 cafes within walking distance from my house but I only usually frequent a few of them that have the 2 ticks - great coffee and of course, great eggs.

On Saturday I decided to recreate the café experience at home (with my husband still asleep and my seriously comfy slippers on - I wasn’t going anywhere).  I tried my hand at one of my favourite café breakfasts – baked eggs.  I’d never made these before and had no idea what was in them.

I had a quick look through some of my ye olde recipe books and found a recipe that was so simple I kept looking over the page to see if there were more ingredients.  The great thing is you can use the eggs as a base and then add flavours depending on your taste and what’s in the fridge. 

I think that cafes must add cream to theirs but I decided to follow the recipe book for now and see how it went.  'Flippin awesome' is how it went according to the one guest at Cafe Jam Jar. 

The Basic Ingredients
4 eggs, separated
Salt and pepper

Yes, that’s it! I checked out the fridge and saw that I had some feta and baby spinach so decided to go with that for mine. 

1.    Preheat the oven to 200°C.  Whisk the egg whites until fluffy.  This is what will give your eggs the light fluffiness at the end (hence the name).
2.    Place the egg yolks into a small oven proof dish and season well with salt and pepper (I used a 15cm ramekin dish).  This is where you can go crazy and add whatever you like – sliced ham, olives, cream (mmm), cheese, mushrooms, whatever takes your fancy.  I added a handful of baby spinach and some crumbled up feta to the egg yolks and then folded in the egg whites. 
3.    Place on a tray in the oven for around 6-8 mins.  Keep an eye on it as everyone’s oven varies.  It’s ready when the top is slightly browned, and the eggy mix doesn’t jiggle around when you move the dish. 
4.    Spread ¼ of an avocado on a slice of toast, and spoon the eggs on top.  Add some tomato relish to serve (if you have some), as well as a big cup of coffee on the side.  Serves 2.  Big hair welcome.      

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